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Virtual Dj Studio 6.0

Virtual DJ Studio is a powerful music mixer with karaoke options included
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Virtual DJ Studio is a powerful karaoke application that also allows mixing music. The main difference between this program and other programs with the same primary purpose is that Virtual DJ Studio offers a lot more than just two decks and a cross-fading function. The program provides support for a wide variety of handy plugins, such as a compressor/limiter or a low-pass filter. Another interesting function is the fact that it enables you to use additional sound cards, which makes it possible to use headphones in order to preview the mixing.

In my opinion, the interface might seem a bit complicated at first, but once you start working with it you will realize that it’s actually easy-to-use and intuitive.

Like most karaoke programs, Virtual DJ Studio has a feature called “Singer’s List” that allows you to create a list of songs, along with the name of the person assigned to sing them, and then launch the songs from the list with only a mouse click. But unlike other karaoke applications, you can queue up in Singer’s list any number of songs, not just one or two. Also, you can play the music for the karaoke directly from ZIP files, without creating temporary files that might cause synchronization issues.

As for the music mixing part, Virtual DJ Studio provides a mixer-board interface which includes options that any other mixer also offers, like a volume controller, cross-fader, pitch and tempo management functions and, in addition, a player for MP3, WAV and other formats of Karaoke files.

All in all, I believe that Virtual DJ Studio is a great application that you will surely enjoy, especially if you're into music mixing or a karaoke fan.

Alice Blest
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  • Mixer-board interface type
  • Allows you to use an extra sound card for previewing purposes
  • Can play the music for the karaoke directly from ZIP files


  • The interface is a bit complicated
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